onsdag 25 december 2013


Here are some new picture, some are from the artcamp and some are not. If they dont have a photo next to them they probably are from mind. Enjoy

tisdag 3 december 2013

Here are the digital work for still life week, there are some imaginary work there too, did a lot of oil painting that week and I dont have a good camera so I cant really show that. It will maybe come later.

 Here is this weeks assignment, self portraits. There are some shorted sketches and one is a bit longer. There are also some imaginary portraits in there, hope you like it.

fredag 22 november 2013

Here are more master studies, two are more rendered studies. One is study of color and one study of composition and some value I guess

                                              Frank Frazetta
                                             John Singer Sargent
                                              Color Studies
                                            Composition studies

onsdag 20 november 2013

Hello people of the internet, good day to you all. This is my artblog, I hope it will be really nice. I will share my art here, I really hope to improve my art so if you have any tips or crits feel free to tell me. Hope you enjoy.

Here are some stuff from Noah Bradleys artcamp I'm currently attending and hope to improve a lot as an artist. I'm on the third week, some color studies from masters and some work from mind. Hope you like it.